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    The conversation about the interplay between diet, genetics, and mental health is often over looked or ignored. We know that the food we eat affects our health and well being. But it also affects our mental health! Most people don’t realize that the neurochemicals that make help us feel happy start in our intestines. With a poor diet we often find higher levels of depression. With inflammation throughout the body we often find higher levels of anxiety. There are also genetic markers that can influence our mood. Our team helps you look at how YOUR genetics and diet may be impacting your mental health and help you learn how you can change your mood through your diet.

    The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
    – Thomas Edison

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    If you’re interested in you or a family member becoming better, happier, and more fulfilled we’d love to work with you every step of the way! Please contact us today! And have this be where the button is to contact us

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    When you call our practice you will speak with our case manager. She will welcome you to the practice, gather information about your needs, and send you intake paperwork. Our intake paperwork is completed online through our portal. Once your paperwork is completed you will have a 15-30 minute phone call with our case manager to confirm the information you provided, ensure all needed paperwork has been completed correctly, and to review policies and procedures around scheduling. The case manager will then schedule you for an intake appointment with the appropriate therapist based on your needs. The case manager will remain your primary contact for scheduling.

    First appointment for children/ teens

    The very first appointment regarding a child or teen is with the parents ONLY. This allows us to gather information about your child’s history including growth, development, and concerns that led you to seek therapy. This allows us to have a candid conversation from your perspective without your child/teen feeling bad. The next appointment is an ice breaker session. This allows the counselor and child/teen to get to know one another without any pressure.

    First appointment for an adult who is part of a couple

    The very first appointment you have with your counselor if you are seeking couples counseling will be by yourself. This allows the counselor to gather your perspective and concerns. You will also be able to discuss what YOUR goals are for seeking couples counseling. Each of you will have the opportunity to meet with your counselor in this fashion before your first official couples session. Your first couples session will be you as a couple discussing your shared concerns and goals.