• Child Therapy

    Child Therapy

    We specialize in supporting children and teens battling anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing, high functioning autism, social struggles, depression, trauma and behavior problems. We will collaborate with you and your family to provide a personalized treatment plan.

    I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
    -Jimmy Dean


    A child’s/teen’s experience of trauma often affects the whole family. Often, parents aren’t aware that a trauma has occurred, or that their child has perceived an event as traumatic. We will work together to help you navigate your child’s emotional pain and your own responses to what happened. It is important to know a child may feel traumatized even if their experience was not life threatening. We can help you support your child in processing the situation(s) to help them make sense of the event(s) so that it can become something that happened to them, not something that defines them.


    Does your child refuse to participate in age-appropriate activities? Does your child get frustrated easily? Perhaps he has challenges with transitions or new situations, or it may be that he is struggling with feeling stuck in solving his problems. This likely means your child has a challenge managing his worries. Our team helps you and your child discover what the root of the anxiety is, and how to rise above it in a healthy, supportive environment.


    Is your teen not the only one in the house feeling “annoyed” lately? Teens often express anxiety and depression through irritability, anger, and a quick temper. This often leaves parents feeling annoyed too! You might even feel like your teen is ungrateful for all that you do for them. We will collaborate to help foster more peace in the house. We understand that teens can be challenging, sarcastic, and blunt when asked to push the boundaries of their emotional comfort zones. We are prepared and able to match these challenging attitudes in a firm and nonjudgmental way that holds them accountable, but is well received by them. We will create goals to support your teen in balancing independence with dependence on you as their parent, along with supporting the development of more constructive ways to communicate his/her emotions and needs.


    Children with ADHD often struggle with more than just their attention/ focus. Because their behavior is often disruptive to peers, children with ADHD tend to have significant struggles with social relationships. Impulsivity, lack of attention, lack of focus and frequent movement can be overwhelming to peers who don’t also have ADHD. Helping your youth discover the areas that affect them at home, school, and with peers helps your child/ teen have better overall outcomes. Our team helps you and your child discover how to gain control and build executive functioning skills that foster positive self esteem and empower them to be successful.